Drain Field Repairs

Are you experiencing drain field problems at your home or business? A-1 National Sewer and Drain is your source for professional, top quality drain field repairs and other septic services when you need it most. We understand the frustration and inconvenience involved when your drain field is not functioning properly. Our fully licensed plumbers are equipped with the knowledge and skill you need to properly detect your drain field problem and successfully repair your drain field in a timely manner.

We can repair a drain field that is backed up into your drain lines. Your drain could be problematic due to a buildup of biomat, a gooey substance caused by anaerobic bacteria from human waste. Biomat in the soil and around the leech lines in the drain field can prevent liquid from being absorbed into the soil. When this happens, wastewater from your septic system can seep to the surface of the drain field or back up into your drain lines. Let A-1 National Sewer and Drain restore health and efficiency back to your drain field today.

Drain Field Installation

Our drain field experts in Atlanta bring over 35 years of experience to make sure your drain field installations and maintenance are done with the highest accuracy and top quality work. At A-1 National Sewer and Drain, we are dedicated to giving your drain field the attention it needs to be without problems for years to come. We handle all types of residential or commercial drain field installations. In case of a drain field emergency, our certified experts are available to help you with 24 hour septic services.

Septic Field Repair

You can expect successful, long-term solutions when you choose A-1 National Sewer and Drain for your drain field repair. Our full service sewer septic company is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction and will treat your septic or sewer system as if it were our own. Contact our Drain Field Repairs Company today for your complimentary estimate on your drain field repairs or drain field installations in Georgia.

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