Grease Trap Cleaning

A-1 National Sewer and Drain delivers complete grease trap cleaning for your Lilburn business at affordable rates. A professional grease trap cleaning is a critical component of your kitchen maintenance and operation. Our fully licensed plumbers have been serving North Georgia customers for over 35 years with our commercial plumbing services expertise, including thorough grease trap services for business owners.

Grease Trap Service

At A-1 National Sewer and Drain, our goal is to keep your kitchen safe and running efficiently. By scheduling a grease trap service, you can save your business costly plumbing problems and unpleasant kitchen odors in the future. Our grease trap service includes a comprehensive cleaning of all food, debris and grease buildup in your system as well as proper disposal of the waste. Our reliable sewer septic company can also provide the necessary documentation and records you may need to meet Health Department guidelines. We are here with 24 hour emergency service. Let us help you with all of your septic and sewer needs in Lawrenceville today.

Grease Pit Pumped

We strive to exceed your expectations when you need your grease pit pumped for your restaurant, hotel, school or business. Our accomplished plumbers also extend our top rate service, where you can be confident we are dedicated to the long-term health of your sewer or septic system. Let us schedule a routine grease trap pumping to keep your business running smoothly and safely. Our A-1 National Sewer and Drain team can also educate you on your city municipal codes regarding proper grease disposal.

Contact our Grease Trap Cleaning Company if you want reliable and well-trained commercial plumbing experts to handle your entire grease trap needs, including maintenance, pumping and cleaning to keep your kitchen in top condition.

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